Friday, July 30, 2010

Unlocked Evo 4g

I am unlocking my HTC Evo 4g (from Sprint) for one simple reason...

This is far from scientific, but it seems that some apps (Sprint Zone, Some sort of Sprint football thing, Qik, footprint, news, Amazon MP3) are started automatically. By manually killing these apps using "Advanced Task Manager" android app, I can recover almost 30 megs of memory on my phone! I said to myself, "Man, this is a hassle to have to kill these apps manually every time, lets just uninstall them."

Fail. These specially installed apps cannot be removed. Sprint, in their infinite wisdom, has chosen to bundle these apps PERMANENTLY onto the phone. The arrogance is just amazing. Now I am angry.

Ok, dammit. 2010 check! Get it through your heads! I don't mind so much having apps that come loaded with my system, I get it, you want to gain traction for your in house applications. I mean, it is a little cheap, but whatever. However, let me uninstall them! Worse, don't make them start up every time I start the damn phone! This seriously makes you look like an ass. It reminds people of their worthless Dell system that came pre-loaded with an inordinate amount of spy/pay-ware. Android is supposed to be a open platform, don't hamstring it by fragmenting it at every opportunity. I am supposed to be able to uninstall apps on my own phone!

I rooted my phone using Simple Root OTA. Everything worked perfectly, only thing that was different than instructions was I had to "Factory Reset" my phone BEFORE I could begin step 1.

Well, I (think I) rooted my phone, it is basically identical to my old phone at the moment, except it has a few additional programs. I don't exactly know what to do with it yet. I guess I will have to look at the available custom Roms and play with the device before I know where to go next. Still, exiting.

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