Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I started this blog for three reasons.

1) I would like to become better at writing. I have a tendency to write things in a rather factual (and boring) fashion. I would like to work on my ability to communicate succinctly, without ambiguity, and in a entertaining fashion.

2) I would like to increase the chance of random encounters with people who might be interested in the same things I am. Actively searching for (or even just hoping to run into) people who are like yourself is a high energy activity. Posting a interest of yours, and allowing people to contact you, is considerably less consuming. If I blog about something, and another person comments on it, it is a opportunity to connect with that person.  I look forward to that.

3) It gives me a sense of history. It allows me to view where I was and what I was thinking across a timeline. Probably not terribly interesting to other people, but I feel that it might help me. Specifically, to identify points in my life where I am repeating myself. And perhaps to also allow me to organize my thoughts more effectively.

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