Sunday, August 22, 2010


Note: In order to install this ROM you must have unlocked your evo 4g!

DamageControl is a ROM alternative that gives you two things that I care about:

Android 2.2 - Read about it here
Wireless Tether - Allows you to use your phone as a portable wifi router.

It installs other neat apps, and also purportedly increases performance and battery life, but those aren't as important to me.

Installation was painless (if a little frightening).

  1. Boot into "recovery mode". 
  2. Make a backup. 
  3. Copy the backup to your computer for safety. 
  4. Wipe your phone (not entirely clear why). 
  5. Copy the file from your computer to your phone
  6. Flash your phone with the file.
I also liked how I could "quick mount" my phone onto my computer from recovery mode. In this way, I do not have to reboot the phone every time I want to copy files over. Convenient.

Of course, after flashing you must re-do the whole "new phone" rigamaroll. Set your google account, set logins and passwords again, etc. This does not take that long honestly.

The guys who put this together are really awesome. If you like this, and enjoy having alternatives, you should drop them some loose change.

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